Great Turnout at the Fort Lauderdale Classic 2021

Hey, Dancin’ Dance Family!

On June 13th, Primo and five of his students participated in the annual Fort Lauderdale Classic competition. Tara competed in American Smooth, while Anchi, Irene, Tanya, and Christine competed in American Rhythm/Nightclub. This was one of the largest number of competitive students Primo has had at a single competition, with this being the first competition for Irene and Christine.

Primo and Tara entered the Silver Pro/Am American Smooth Closed Challenge. In this event, they performed Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot back-to-back and won 1st place. Due to winning this challenge, they were also recalled to compete again in an American Smooth “Challenge of Challenges” against other competitors who had won similar closed-division events. However, despite this being Tara’s first competition since 2019, she and Primo won top prize against 3 other couples.

Primo and Tanya participated in the Silver Pro/Am American Rhythm Challenge, in which they performed Cha Cha, Rumba, and East Coast Swing, placing 1st. Similar to Tara, Tanya was then able to compete in the Silver Rhythm “Challenge of Challenges,” winning the event out of four couples. Additionally, she also placed 3rd in the American Rhythm Open Scholarship, which included Cha Cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Bolero, and Mambo.

Primo and Anchi competed in a different division of the Silver Pro/Am American Rhythm Challenge, also taking 1st place. Furthermore, she also placed 3rd in the American Rhythm Closed Scholarship.

Primo and Irene competed in the Bronze Pro/Am American Rhythm Challenge, winning 1st place. She was then eligible for the Bronze Rhythm “Challenge of Challenges” in which she placed 1st out of four couples, an impressive feat for a first-time competitor.

Primo and Christine participated in several single-dance Rumba Freestyle Heats, placing 1st in all dances.

Congratulations to Primo and his students for their awesome placements for Dancin’ Dance! If you are interested in competing yourself or would like to attend a competition as a spectator, contact your instructor for details.